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Presidents' Blog: January 2019

Dear Congregants,

2019!  I don’t know about you but 2018 sure went by quickly for me.  2018 brought some unfortunate events in areas that have forced us all to take another look at how we handle certain situations.  As we have mentioned before, we now have a state of the art alarm system in the building.  This is up and running and we are proud of the steps we are taking to maintain the safety of the building and our Congregants.  

The alarm is broken down into different zones.  The alarm in certain areas will be utilized in areas of the building when they are not in use.  During services and events where the social hall is being rented, the downstairs school area, will be closed off and alarmed.  There will be no access to the downstairs at these times.  The sanctuary will be locked at all times unless being used and alarmed.  

These steps are not designed to prohibit use by our members but rather to prohibit entry by anyone not meant to be there.  

In that same regard, we are instituting a new policy for all temple events.  30 minutes after the start time of any event in the temple, INCLUDING FRIDAY NIGHT services, the doors to the building will be locked.  We have had numerous discussions and for the time being we have determined that this is the best way to proceed.  This will not prohibit someone from leaving the building or opening the door for a friend or family member who is running late.  It will only prohibit people from opening the door from the outside who arrive over 30 minutes after the start time of the event.  

This will not be instituted for events at which we have a hired security guard, such as Saturday morning services when there is a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. 

We hope you understand our desire to maintain safety while still trying to protect the integrity of why we are here.  As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Shari or Paul at presidents@templebethammerrick.org.  

Shari Weissbach & Paul Ross
Co-Presidents, Temple Beth Am of Merrick & Bellmore