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Presidents' Blog No. 8: Feb 2018

Dear Congregants,

Well time certainly is flying by. As we write this it is February 2. February!!! Of our second year as Presidents! When we started our term and in the time since we often broached the idea of rolling out a new dues structure. We are happy to report that this is deeply in the works and we think this would be a new beginning for Temple Beth Am. 

At the last Congregational Meeting we began discussing with the Congregation, albeit out of order because we have not gone to the Board yet, our new idea. This plan, which we would like to call “Giving from the Heart” was met with positive enthusiasm, and yet fear. Enthusiasm because this plan could indeed bring in so many new Congregants and keep our existing ones. How? This plan enables each member to pledge what he/she/they are able and willing to pay. You no longer need to leave because the dues are too onerous. People no longer need to say they cannot join because it is too expensive. You choose your pledge amount. That being said, if, from the beginning, all of our Congregants choose to pay less than they do now but are able to afford to pay more, we will experience difficulties and the plan will fail. We will need those who can afford to pay and feel an affinity toward our temple to give generously. There is so much more to be said about this approach but we wanted to get you excited…get you ready to feel good about being a member of Temple Beth Am, to know that we are working with you, to have you tell all of your unaffiliated friends and friends who have left our family to come back. 

The Executive Committee is continuing to delve into the details of this plan. We will bring it to the Board and we will be having relatively small “parlor meetings” to discuss it with many different groups within the temple, to get feedback and perhaps fine tune our approach, before we think we can present it to the entire Congregation for its approval. If you would like to be part of these meetings, please let us know and we will let you know when there is one for you. We intend to address as many of your questions and concerns as is feasible. Kindly let us know if you would like to attend a parlor meeting. 

That is it for now and we think it is probably plenty to digest. We will keep you posted! 

Shari and Paul