Help Wanted: Asst Librarian


WANTED: A volunteer for a long term commitment to be an assistant to Jerry Medowar, our librarian, and hopefully to become his successor as librarian when he retires in the next couple of years. It should be a man or 
woman, retired or semi-retired, as you must be available to run a library program for the school children on Sunday mornings and Monday afternoons once a month. 

You will have to learn how our library processes books before they are put on the shelves. Processing involves putting plastic covers on books that come with covers; you will have to assign them a “Dewey Decimal Number” and affix it to the spine of the book; our library is not computerized and we still use the “Card Catalog System” so you must learn to prepare title, subject, and author index cards as well as the pocket part for the back of the book all of which is created on the computer and homemade software system. 

If you are interested in this assignment please call Jerry Medowar at 516-623-6739 or e-mail him at 

If you are at all interested he will take you on a tour of the library and invite you to his home to see how his personal computer is set up to operate the library. Once you are familiar with the operation of the library, he can supply you with a floppy disc with all my library