Tizmoret CDs in the Library



Libraries are famous for their books. Our Temple Beth Am Library is now becoming famous for its music. How about Music without Music? “A cappella” is singing without a music accompaniment. For those of us attending our April Temple Concert of Tizmoret, we were thrilled.

Our library was presented with a gift of nine CDs containing hundreds of songs in English, Hebrew and Yiddish. The following are just a few.

Tizmoret has 20 years of experience arranging and re-arranging well known (and less-known) music from around the world. With a healthy mix of English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Contemporary and Old-School American music in their repertoire, Tizmoret is prepared to entertain you in Temple Beth Am’s library. The door to our library is always open. Make a visit. Listen to some music. Borrow a book.

You are invited to sit in the librarian’s chair at the Librarian’s desk where you will find a CD player…with attached ear phones….a collections of CD discs….and INSTRUCTIONS. ENJOY! 

English Songs…

  1. All Alright

  2. Change In My Life

  3. Cheerleader

  4. Confident

  5. For The Longest Time

  6. Goodnight Sweetheart

  7. In The Still Of The Night

  8. Lean on Me

  9. Like I’m Gonna Lose You

  10. Soulmate

  11. Stitches

  12. Thinking Out Loud

  13. This Little Light Of Mine

  14. This Love

  15. You’ll Be In My Heart

  16. and more…

And Hebrew Songs…

  1. Achshav

  2. Adon Olam

  3. Amen

  4. Darkeinu

  5. Esah Ayni

  6. Et Rekod

  7. Eta Chaim Hee

  8. Hafachta

  9. Im Eshkachech

  10. Kadimah Vahal’ah

  11. Lu Yehi

  12. Matanot Ktanot

  13. Samachti

  14. Shira Chadasha

  15. Shiru Shir Amen

  16. U’venei Yerushalayim

  17. Yesh Lach

  18. and more…