Sephardic Tid-Bits: Gibraltar

Sephardic Tid-Bits

Did you know that the British territory of Gibraltar located near the south western edge of Spain on a little peninsula located there was named after a Jew? In 711 that land and the rest of the land above it was ruled by the Visigoth Christians and is known as Spain. The Moslem Arab rulers of Morocco had their eye on this very fertile and desirable land only 50 miles across the narrow sea that separated them.

The rulers assigned Musa Ben Nusair to plan and organize the invasion of the Visigothic Kingdom. Nusair then assigned his servant and his formerly captured slave, Tarik Ben Ziyad to command and lead the attack. Nusair admired and respected Tarik and had a great deal of faith in his ability. Tarik was a Jew who was forced to convert to Islam.

Tarik led that attack and was very successful conquering that entire peninsula. Nusair honored him by naming the tip of that territory “DJABAL AT TARIK”. Note: DJA…BAL…TA, or Gibraltar.